My short story “Home Guard” is up on the Liars’ League site! The story was read by Ben Farrow at the Liars’ League War & Peace event on Tuesday 11 November, 2008 at the Wheatsheaf in London, UK.

Here’s the link:

Home Guard

Liars’ League is a very cool market for short fiction. Each month they call for submissions under a certain theme. For Veterans’ Day (Remembrance Day in the UK), the theme was War & Peace. The stories selected for publication are then performed by one of the League’s more than 70 registered actors. “Home Guard” was performed by an actor named Ben Farrow, who has appeared in High Heels and Low Lives with Minnie Driver and the UK TV series Keen Eddie and Casualty.

I just wish we could have been there for the experience. Alas, the dollar is weak and London far.