Praise for Fallen Land:

Starred Review of Fallen Land by Booklist [link]:

“Much like Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain (1997) in style, subject, and mood, but also as evocative of the nineteenth-century American landscape as Karen Fisher’s A Sudden Country (2005), this is a masterpiece that deserves a full serving of accolades.”

Starred Review of Fallen Land by Kirkus [link]:

Like McCarthy’s Border Trilogy or Frazier’s Cold Mountain, this is American literature at its best, full of art and beauty and the exploration of all that is good and bad in the human spirit.

Starred Review of Fallen Land by Library Journal:

“Brown’s expressive language captures the harsh realities of the South at the time. A nail-biting journey from first page to last.

Review of Fallen Land by Publishers Weekly [link]:

 “This is a Civil War odyssey in the tradition of Charles Frazier’s COLD MOUNTAIN and Daniel Woodrell’s WOE TO LIVE ON, written in a vernacular that resurrects the era and fully brings alive Callum and Ava’s adventures on the road.”

Fallen Land chosen Favorite Winter 2016 Debut by Macmillan Library [link]:

“We’ve come out of our candy comas, shaken off the cobwebs, and are ready to tell you about our favorite Winter 2016 debut: FALLEN LAND by Taylor Brown.”

Praise for In the Season of Blood and Gold:

In the Season of Blood and Gold chosen Top 10 Best Book of 2014 on Bent Country [link]:

“Taylor Brown wrote, in my opinion, the best short story collection this year.  In the Season of Blood and Gold restores faith in the short story as a form.  It’s that simple.”

In the Season of Blood and Gold chosen Best Books of 2014:  Staff Picks on The Spark [link]:

“Brown’s stories are gritty and full of heart, full of the blood that pumps through our veins and ties us together to our family without question. His prose is tight, and he is probably one of the loveliest souls in existence, in person as on the page.”

In the Season of Blood and Gold chosen Best Books of 2014:  Author, Reader, Editor, and Publisher Picks on The Spark [link]:

“[Taylor Brown] writes with a powerful economy of language while making good narrative choices that provide rounded characters bombarded with intense twists.”

 In the Season of Blood and Gold chosen Book Most Likely to Renew Your Faith in Short Stories on Steph Post…and Writing [link]:

“Taylor Brown’s IN THE SEASON OF BLOOD AND GOLD [is the] book most likely to renew your faith in the power of short stories. Monumental award for Best Short Story of the year for “Sin Eaters” as well.”

Review of story collection, In the Season of Blood and Gold, on the Star News [link]:

“[Taylor Brown’s] words have an undeniable power, and it’s exciting to think what this young writer will accomplish as he picks up experience and refines his powers.”

Review of story collection, In the Season of Blood and Gold, on Necessary Fiction [link]:

“While Brown is certainly not the first to accomplish the task of spanning eras, only the story collections of Ron Rash come to mind when considering a Southern writer’s versatility in managing to bridge generational gaps while illustrating how a region and its people have changed—or not changed—over the course of time.”

Review of story collection, In the Season of Blood and Gold, on Heavy Feather Review [link]:

“Brown has put his command of the English language on display here, forcing readers to confront not only the humanity of his characters, but often their own as well. What is the most exciting thing about, Season, really, is that it is only the beginning.”

Review of story collection, In the Season of Blood and Gold, on Atticus Review [link]:

“The juxtaposition between this so-thought ancient violence and modernity is telling. Violence, as the other stories elucidate, is an ancient thing yet awake even today. .”



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Montana Prize in Fiction, 2009 – awarded by CutBank for short story “Rider”
Press 53 Open Awards, 2nd Place Short Fiction – awarded for short story “Kingdom Come”
Other Distinguished Mystery Stories, “Cajun Reeboks,” Best American Mystery Stories 2010
Finalist, 2012 Machigonne Fiction Contest judged by Rick Bass and awarded by The New Guard
Finalist, 2014 Doris Betts Fiction Prize, sponsored by NC Writers’ Network and awarded by NC Literary Review
Finalist, 2014 Wabash Prize in Fiction, awarded by Sycamore Review (story withdrawn due to publishing conflict)
In the Season of Blood and Gold, Finalist in Short Story Category of 2015 International Book Awards